The thief

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Don’t give the thief access. Don’t let him in. Do you not know, you belong to the King?  The thief comes to beat you and rock you to sleep. My sheep know my voice, they hear when I speak.

The thief is a killer, he’s murdered my dreams. There’s not much in my future. It’s hopeless, it seems. But there’s a Redeemer. He pursues my heart. You are my daughter, I’ve set you apart.

The thief will not harm you. Nor the terror of night. I’ve given you wings and I’ve set you to flight. Set your heart to dancing. Your feet to rejoice

I am your refuge. You are my choice.

So rise to your feet and wash your face. Sufficient for every new day, is My grace. Dust off your dreams and boldly come.

John 10:10 “The thief comes to steal kill and destroy;  I have come that you may have life, and life more abundantly”


Tiny feet 👣

Tiny feet, soft and pink. Small and full of promise. Tiny feet hit the ground. Tiny feet run around. Those tiny feet run this house. Tiny feet, they grow so fast. Step out into the world so vast.

Tiny feet you’ve changed my life. Made me a mommy and a wife. Tiny feet and tiny toes. You melt my heart when you wrinkle your nose.

Oh tiny feet I watch you go. The highs are high. The lows are low.
My heart breaks with yours.

Repetition, competition. It’s all mine. Your victories and your defeats. Oh how I love you tiny feet. You smile, my heart skips a beat.

I teach you to follow the rules. And send you off and into the world. The house is quiet without your feet. And when you are here, it’s love, laugh, repeat.

I’ll never return you tiny feet. I didn’t have to save my receipt. So I wrap you in prayer and cover you with kisses. You’re better than a million answered wishes.

My tiny feet, have I done enough. Have I kept you safe. Have I shown you love. Did I lead you to The Father, teach you His ways. While I watch you grow, as I see you play. My tiny feet, did I teach you to pray.

Provebs 22: 6 “Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all their lives” (English GNT)

Fidget thingy…

For the past couple of weeks our teenage son has been asking for a fidget spinner. So, obviously, instead of googling it and giving him feedback, I pretended to know what it is and ignore his request.

Today he shows up at home with a fidget spinner and apart from educating myself and his dad, this little gadget has parts that can be swopped out,oilled, and include parts like a “bearing”!

The purpose of this little gadget is to allow you to fidget, while not being a distraction to your class, team meeting, etc. They retail for about 40 – 300 ZAR

Much like our “stress ball” back in the day, my husband adds.

You owe it to yourself to check out this enigma for yourself. Don’t allow this sneaky little stress thingy to give your teenager a reason to roll their eyes at you. Not on my watch!

A useful article to read is

Many an online store has a wide variety to choose from and some include free shipping. Upon further investigation, I have seen that this is quite a controversial little thingy-ma-bob and apparently it just popped out of nowhere.

Another seemingly random, yet surprisingly useful thing our son has enlightened us about is “Share it”, which literally changed our lives!

Anti-daddy 😮 

Mommy you are my best friend and if you don’t like daddy, I won’t like him either…. But sweetie, I love daddy. Really, are you sure?  ‘Cause you are kind of rude to him”

Omg. Me? What! When?! All the time. So I thought that you don’t like him. I really do. Oh so very much, love daddy. He’s a great guy and he’s my best friend…

From today, I will be nice to him okay? OKAY! 😊

Titus 2:5 “… to be self- controlled and pure, to be busy at home,  to be kind, and to be subject to their own husbands “

I wish we could see ourselves. Do we allow our words to honour the ones we love and build them up? Or do we take them for granted and allow unwholesome and unfruitful words to shape our marriage.

Provebs 12: 18 “reckless words pierce like a sword,  but the tongue of the wise brings healing “

Amazing how we cry and pray for a husband, and when we have one,  we treat him as though he can simply not live up to our expectations.
As I train my daughters and show them how to live,  who to be and how to treat others , I thank God for the Spirit of reconciliation and the absolute beauty of repentance and second chances.

As I raise my son, and show him what a good man looks like, what a glorious joy marriage can be, and what to allow and accept in his own future, I thank God for the redemptive power of being wholly His.

God wants to see your marriage be heaven on earth. It was His idea and it is ordained to be a safe and beautiful hiding place for both spouses.

No matter how recklessly you have used your words and no matter how many times you have allowed the enemy to use your tongue to create chaos and division in your marriage. In this moment, there is restoration and a new opportunity to speak the marriage you dream of into being. To submit to, and love the one you pledged to grow old with. And to be a blessing not only to the partner you chose but also to the tiny souls who are looking to you and learning everything they need to have a great marriage some day.

The task is huge, but God is greater.

Lord , help me to honour the one I love with my attitude and with the words of my mouth.  Forgive me for recklessness and thoughtlessness in my past. Teach me to honour my partner and be a noble wife. ❤

Little one

Who will you be little one. What will you become?  The world is big and scary and you’re like a little flower.

Fragile and full of promise. And oh so full of power!  Your wonder brings me hope.  Your eagerness to learn, grow and explore invigorates me.

My “don’t do that,  “don’t climb up there “, “do not eat that!” , all of it falls on deaf ears. You’re an explorer. You are fearless and you will not be tamed. Your hair is as wild as the adventurer that lives inside.

You inspire me little one. You cause me to dream while I’m awake. What if I no longer dreaded making a mistake. If I had no fear, what would I do? What would I dare. Who would I be… if I was more like you  ❤


Who said you can? 

You don’t have what it takes 

You make way too many mistakes

Step back you underachiever !

How can you call yourself a believer ?

You won’t be able to go there 

You’re not big enough 

Take a look at your life 

You’ve lost all your stuff 

They won’t accept you

You’re not pretty enough 

Where’s your degree? 

You know they can see

You don’t finish things 

They can’t trust you 

Just dare step out

In no time they will bust you!

Shrink back again 

You underachiever 

You’ll just fail once more 

Cos’ life just isn’t fair…

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper and not to harm you.  To give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11”

How amazing that real as these feelings are, it’s not where the story ends ❤

The little things 

Are you a mean mommy? God wants to heal your heart. He wants to restore you to the joyous blessing He has called you to be. To the loving,  lighthearted,  fun loving,  comical, inspirational power house of a chick that you are meant to be.

God wants to restore laughter to your family. Dancing to your feet, to your hips.

Little eyes sparkle in delight as you shake your carefree, weightless  shoulders to the music and the rhythm. Your shoulders are weightless thanks to the King.

It’s not easy,  but it is doable. And you can do it!  You can give your cares to the Lord of all creation and enjoy your family.  You can drink in every giggle,  every smile and wrinkled nose, every dirty little toe is yours in all it’s glorious splendour. Every open mouthed nap. It’s hard to look away. Drink it in. The beauty and the wonder in the little things,  the simple things.

Let out a breath. Say a prayer and go to sleep mommy. God has got you. He holds your babies and your mommy heart in the palm of His hands and He’s a good father.

You are not a mean mommy today. Today you did good. ❤

Mean Mommy 

“Mommy, you are mean!” She’s right. I am. I have a lot going on. My plate is full. My patience is thin. I don’t have a high tolerance for shouting, fighting and disobedience today. Today,  I am a grown up and I am facing grown up issues.

She’s so little,  she has giant eyes. Piercing eyes, demanding that I do better. Try harder.  She makes me step up. She makes me stoop down. She demands an I’m sorry. She stretches me. My insides.  She makes me better.

Like a spotlight into my stressed out soul. She gets what she deserves. I humble myself. I set my crap aside. This is my baby. She has a future and with my own two hands and my bad attitude, and thoughtless words, I shape her. Dictate who she will become, how she will treat people,  what type of woman she will be. And by the grace of God, I stop, I bend, I whisper an apology. I beg for a kiss,  and I receive redemption.

In a heartbeat I am forgiven and loved. She makes me better. She makes me bigger ❤

First blog post

This very first post was based on life with a four year old mostly,  but also…

Psalm 25:9 “He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them His way”.

If we can somehow treat our littlest companions with respect and kindness on our worst days, that is something worth fighting for. Worth striving for in this journey of life and parenthood.