Mind yourself while I morph

Ever watched Power Rangers and see them morph into their black, blue, yellow, pink and red alter egos. Or transformers when they turn from a truck, car, helicopter, to a giant walking, talking alien robot. Ever feel like you’re about to morph yourself? I think we are morphing all the time. I think I am morphing right now. I really do.

I am morphing from a divorced, selfish single mom, fighting to make ends meet. Battling loss, guilt, loneliness and failure. Into an organised, patient, loving, tolerant and supportive wife and mommy.

I am morphing from a stressed out, over worked, under appreciated, under paid, tired, slave to the rat race. Into a business plan writer, an owner, independent thinker, freelancer, an entrepreneur. I am an “ideas” person.

I am changing from the girl who is one dimensional, a second guesser, scared of disappointment, fearful of failure and bound by broken pieces, to an explorer, a world traveller. In walks a go getter, innovator.

And lastly, but by no means least. I am changing from one who loves words to a wordsmith, from an avid reader to a writing dreamer. From a doubting Thomas to a firm believer. Your dreams give you wings. Purpose brings light. I leverage the lingo. I morph tonight.


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