The F word…

Today I am keeping it short because I am on a quest. Like a knight or Christopher Columbus. I am an adventurer. Taking the path less traveled.  I am chasing a dream,  and let me tell you, some days are downright scary.
The problem is though, that as daunting as the unknown is, the vision is real. It exists, ¬†albeit only in my mind’s eye. It’s as real as the pages of a book or the faces of my kids. So what do I do. ¬†Do I stuff it down and try to swallow it with a big gulp and get back to reality. A reality which dictates that A and B is followed by C. That 1 + 1 =2. What if after B comes F? What if I simply cannot accept that this is it. There has to be more.
The bible says that ¬†“Faith is the ¬†substance of things hoped for. ¬†The evidence of things not seen”
What do you do when this “F”word keeps messing with your current reality? ¬†If this ¬†faith is eating you whole and swallowing you alive, like Jonah in the belly of the whale. It will not be denied. You cannot escape. You face it right? Head on. You say, okay faith, I have my big girl boots on. What is up with you. I am going at it. I am going all the way. ¬†I am determined to know the mind of my Maker. I am desperate to know the heart of my Father. No wonder they call it “the good fight of faith”. The hustle is real. Between who I was and who I am. ¬†Between what I do and what I want to do.
So, on my quest there are certain clues, cues and milestones. There are certain dos and don’ts. There are ifs and buts, what ifs and maybes.
There is a rule book, don’t get me wrong. God has left us the road map, the Bible and a GPS, the Holy Spirit. ¬†But do we open the pages and seek to find Him with everything we’ve got. To find the path of life. ¬†Or do we become bogged down by work, family, finances and even church, and miss the plot completely. Do you say, I will give my life to God some day, or God understands me. He knows I’m not ready. Do you cop out?
See, in order to begin a journey you start at the beginning right?  So, in the beginning was the word and the word was God and God became flesh and dwelt amongst us. Wowzer!   Born of a virgin, walked on water, died and came back to life.  All the makings of an incredible fairy tale.  When the fairy tale becomes your reality.  When you believe every word. When you get a taste of the joy,  peace, love, hope, restoration, healing. How do you walk away. How do you return to the grind, revert to the rat race. I am afraid to report that I cannot. Hence, I am on this quest.
I have decided to follow Jesus and there is simply no turning back.


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