To home school or not to home school, that is the question…

To home school or not to home school, that is the question…

After taking the leap from full time employee to full time mom, the question now begs. If we are doing this, really doing this, why not do it all the way? Go big or stay home! If I am spending all this time teaching and training the kids, twenty four – seven, three sixty five, why not ‘teach the kids’?

Is home schooling realistically something we could do? Am I a teacher? Will the girls be missing out on important developmental milestones and social skills spending all their time with me…Do I have the discipline to wake my babies, feed them a healthy breakfast and teach them maths and science?! As with any big decision, best practice is to make a list of the pros and cons, research the project at hand and do your due diligence.

I know a mom or two who home schools. They are successful business woman, they teach the kids, cook, clean and manage to meet all their husband’s needs. These superwoman are out there, they are real. But am I a superwoman? Is this something I could realistically do and do well…

My teenage son’s initial reaction to this out of this world idea of mine was, no ways, you are not turning my sisters into little weirdos! Clearly, he’s charming. But the truth is the negative feedback is plenty and if you look you will find it.

However, I have also found, that there are support groups for home schooling families and many a Facebook in your very home town. These families meet the need for socialising, networking and support needed in order to make a success of the home schooling journey. They also have athletics and choir, meaning that neither the competitive nor the creative nature of my kids need to be stifled due to the lack of ‘traditional’ schooling.

Government websites as well as book shops offer various downloadable and hard copy curriculums to facilitate your teaching. The idea of the kids studying and learning wherever we are frees us up to travel and be adventurers. It allows us to take the path less travelled. It let’s us become brave explorers.

So, is the journey daunting, yes. Is it scary, hell yes. Is it going to be worth it? Without a doubt, absolutely, yes. Is it for everyone? Sadly, no.

The truth is though, the years fly by so quickly and before you realize it, the kids are all grown up and ordering an Uber to take them to the movies, bowling, and swimming galas at the neighbouring school.  You become less and less needed. I want to cherish every second. Be present for every outing. See, and experience first-hand, every new learning opportunity. I want to be that hands on. I  am willing to dare because my kids are worth all the sacrifice it’s going to take. I want to be that mom.

We certainly cannot raise extra ordinary kids by doing the ordinary.

Best of luck on your mothering adventure.


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